Internship Program

Summer Ethics Internship Program, 2018

The Ethics Internship Program is a very important part of the Institute for Practical Ethics and Public Life’s (IPE) overall program for undergraduate students. The summer internships were started with funds from the Donchian Foundation and maintained with funds from the family of the late John Allen and Patricia Hollingsworth, from Michael Ross, from Missy Casscell, and from other donors as a way to integrate ethical theory and practice, the real-world and the academy. Student interns combine their summer experience with preparatory courses and post-internship narrative and analytic reports and discussions. Students have a variety of placements in private (both for-profit and not-for-profit) and governmental contexts in both domestic and international settings, and, as noted below, may involve research, service, or learning or some combination of these.

Internship Program: With support from the Hollingsworth family and others, the IPE sponsors and provides funds for several summer internships, which are awarded on a competitive basis. The Institute expects to fund fifteen to twenty internships for Summer 2018.

Expectations: Those who receive awards will be expected to spend at least eight weeks in an internship (approved by the IPE), to meet with faculty at the IPE (and perhaps with other interns) to discuss aspects of their internship before it starts, to prepare, at the end of the summer, an 8-10 page narrative and analysis of the internship, with particular attention to questions and issues of ethics (broadly conceived), and to meet, in the fall semester, with other interns and Institute faculty to discuss their experiences.

Nature of Internship: Internships take a variety of forms:

  • Research
  • Service
  • Learning
  • Some combination of the above three

Stipend: The IPE will usually provide a stipend of $2,000.00 toward students’ internships. If the internship is unpaid, a larger stipend may be available in a few cases, depending on location, living arrangements, etc. If the internship receives financial support from other sources, the IPE stipend may be reduced in order to make the internships as equitable as possible. We will discuss specific financial arrangements with students after they have received notification of their awards and arranged their internships.

Identification of Internship Possibilities: It is up to students to arrange their specific internships, but the IPE will provide advice and guidance, including the names of organizations and persons who might have or know of possibilities.

Additional Information: Please write James F. Childress ( or Ruth Gaare Bernheim ( for more information.

Internship Application Form

Deadline for Application: 5:00 PM, Friday, December 8, 2017

Notification of Awards: The IPE hopes to announce the awards by early January 2018